Scottsdale Home Improvements

Some of the most important Scottsdale outside home improvements can also be the least expensive – and can put your home’s “best foot forward.” When it comes to giving your home a boost in curb appeal, here are nine ideas to improve its exterior.

Cut the grass and tend to the lawn area.

For most homes, the lawn comprises a major portion of the front yard – as well as what’s seen from the road or driveway. As such, the condition and appearance of your lawn can have a huge impact on curb appeal – good or bad. Give your grass a little TLC. Mow it, rake it, edge it and get rid of the weeds. Make sure it gets plenty of water and the right amount and type of fertilizer.

Scottsdale outside home improvements will help to enhance curb appeal

Throw away the junk.

Eyesores like old lawn furniture, swing sets no longer in use, or dead bushes should be removed. Find an out of sight hiding place for other unsightly items such as garbage cans or recycling bins. In short, remove the clutter, throw away the junk and improve the visual appeal of your home’s exterior. It’s one of the Scottsdale outside home improvements that costs the least.

Make your home visitor-friendly.

When friends, family or potential buyers see your home and start to enter, give them a good first impression. Keep the driveway, walkway, front steps, porch and front door as clean and unobstructed as possible. Pay attention to details like weeds growing in the walkway or driveway and cracks that need to be filled or repaired. Not only can they be eyesore, they can be potential hazards. If you have a plain concrete walkway, consider edging it with a classic brick or stone trim. In addition, lighting is not only a nice touch but it can add safety and security after dark. Outdoor lighting can greatly improve your home’s curb appeal, especially low-voltage landscape accent lighting for trees and shrubbery.

The front door focal point.

Your home’s front door is arguably its main focal point for all visitors that come to your house. Treat it that way. Keep it clean by washing it periodically and wiping it down every few days to remove cobwebs, dust and pollen. Consider refinishing or repainting it as needed. Your front door’s hardware is important, too. Remove tarnished hardware and give it a good polishing. If that doesn’t do the trick, replace worn or old hardware such as handles, hinges or door knockers. For inexpensive Scottsdale outside home improvements, consider adding a shiny new brass kick plate at the bottom of the front door. Not only will it add a touch of class, it can also hide scuff marks or scratches. Complete the front door makeover with a welcoming doormat that matches your home’s general style.

Care for bushes, trees and greenery.

Well-maintained bushes, trees, flowers and other plantings can contribute greatly to your home’s overall curb appeal. Conversely, unsightly or overgrown shrubbery can detract from your home’s appearance, making it look like something out of a low-budget horror movie. Prune anything that grows or have a landscaping specialist look at what may need to be done such as tree or limb removal, heavy undergrowth removal or replacement of dead or dying shrubbery or plants.

Replace flowers or shrubs.

For both the enhanced appearance of your home and it surroundings, plant shrubs for garden beauty year-round. In addition, you can include various seasonal flowers or foliage to give your landscaping splashes of color. If you need to hide certain parts of your home such as a visible foundation, an unsightly HVAC unit, or electric meter, you can use flowering plants as  camouflage. Popular selections can grow up to four feet in height. Be sure to plant them at least two to three feet from your home to allow for growth and enable access to repairmen.

Don’t forget the details.

Scottsdale outside home improvements for your home can also include additions to your front yard. You’d be surprised at how much you can improve curb appeal by installing brand new house numbers, an attractive front porch light fixture or a stately door knocker. Consider replacing your old mailbox with a newer version and installing a post lamp at the beginning of your driveway or walkway. Other ideas include garden additions like a birdbath, unique planter or a small garden statue.

Give your house a bath.

It sounds like a daunting task, but washing your home’s exterior can be one of the simplest and most-rewarding Scottsdale outside home improvements. Start by sweeping dirt, dust, cobwebs and pollen, working from top to bottom. After that, use a garden hose with a strong spray attachment or rent a pressure washer. If you don’t have a pressure washer and want to forego the expense of renting one, use a long-handled brush with soft bristles and a mixture of warm soapy water. Again, working from top to bottom, rinse the exterior walls with water. Should you decide to use a pressure washer, read the directions carefully. A high-powered spray can cause paint to peel and even damage your home’s siding. In addition, refrain from spraying electrical wires or wiring, light fixtures, outlets, switch plates or windows. After you’ve finished, inspect the entire exterior of your home. If it doesn’t look a great deal better after the washing, it may be time for a fresh coat of paint.

Remember the garage door.

Most homes these days have at least a two-car garage. Because of that, the garage door is probably one of the widest surfaces at or near the front of your home. If it needs attention, consider refinishing or repainting the garage door. In worst case situations, replace the garage door. As more and more homes are built with attached garages, there are a number of attractive garage door designs available. While garage doors aren’t extremely expensive, compared to the other suggestions, they are one of the more costly Scottsdale outside home improvements – especially if you include an automatic door opener, which is more than just a convenience, it’s a necessity. Either way – whether you repaint or replace – your garage door can be a stylish and important accessory to your home’s exterior.

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When it comes to Scottsdale home improvement ideas, the list of potential projects can get lengthy – and expensive. If you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably only interested in those improvements that won’t cost much money and that can pay for themselves or add to your home’s value. Usually, the key to keeping the costs down is being able to perform many of the home improvements yourself. Let’s look into several do-it-yourself (DIY) projects that won’t break the bank and may just add value to your home in the long run.

 Add backsplash tiles in the kitchen

Scottsdale home improvement ideas that add value to your home may include adding a tile backsplash in the kitchen.

Self-adhesive backsplash tiles come in an array of styles and colors designed to fit most everyone’s tastes. Probably the biggest advantages to undertaking a DIY kitchen backsplash tile project are the relatively low cost, the simplicity of installation and the ease of post-project clean-up.

Step one is to clean the walls where the tiles will go. Use a mixture of warm water and soap, and clean the walls with a soft sponge. Adhesive tiles will stick best if the surface is free of dust, grease, grime or dirt. Dry the area with a clean, dry cloth and wait a few minutes before you begin the application. Remove any outlet or switch plates and make sure you leave enough space when you get ready to place the tiles around the outlet edges so you can replace them easily.

Next, follow the instructions recommended for the adhesive tiles you purchased – each manufacturer’s suggestions vary slightly. As a general rule, the instructions will call for installation from left to right, starting with the bottom row. If you need to cut any of the adhesive tiles, a sharp razor knife will usually work very well. Remember, you’re working with adhesive tiles, so if you need to remove or reposition one, just heat the adhesive with a hair dryer and peel the tile off the wall.

Install crown moulding in the bedroom

Another popular DIY job on the list of Scottsdale home improvement ideas is adding crown moulding to your bedrooms. It’s amazing the transformation a few pieces of decorative wood trim can make to bedrooms – or any room. While woodworking may sound a little intimidating, you don’t have to be a professional carpenter to pull this project off. First, carefully measure each wall – from corner to corner – on which you plan to install the moulding. Then, measure it again. (We suggest following the old rule of “Measure twice, cut once.”) Select the moulding you like best from your favorite home improvement store, give them the measurements and they should be able to cut it to those specifications. While you’re at the home improvement store, don’t forget to buy some wood filler, wood putty or caulk for a seamless installation. Here’s a helpful tip from a home improvement specialist:  Paint the crown moulding after it’s cut and before you install it. You can always paint the touch-up places and fill the nail holes later. That will be a much easier project than painting it once it’s installed. Plan to use a nail gun to nail the moulding to the tops of the walls.

Clean and paint the floor in the garage

It doesn’t take very long for the garage floor in any home to accumulate grease, grime and oil stains. Here’s what the experts recommend to give your home’s garage floor a clean, new look – with very little expense. It’s one of several often-overlooked DIY Scottsdale home improvement ideas you can do in just a few hours over a weekend. First, take old newspapers and blot the stains to remove as much of the excess oil or other residue as possible. Then, follow up with a mixture of hot water and liquid dishwashing soap – add a drop or two of degreaser if you’d like – and use a scrub brush to clean the floor. When you’ve finished scrubbing, you can pour a little kitty litter – yes, kitty litter, or a granular oil absorbent if you have it – on the tougher stains. When the absorbent has done all it can do, sweep the floor thoroughly and prepare it for painting. If you’d like, you can fill any minor cracks in the concrete floor with crack filler. Lastly, apply a coat of garage paint designed to guard against oil, grime and mildew. The home improvement experts recommend rolling the paint on with a specially made, long-handled paint roller. Take precaution not to paint yourself into a corner!

Upgrade the landscaping

Among the easiest DIY Scottsdale home improvement ideas a homeowner can accomplish is improving the landscaping around your home. Simple additions of low-maintenance greenery along sidewalks, walkways and porches can improve a home’s curb appeal. In addition, you can use fresh sod to patch any worn or bald spots in your lawn. You may also choose to use grass sprigs that may not take long to cover dead or sparse areas. Often, the addition of decorative landscape “stepping stones” can be a nice touch. Use them as a secondary walkway to a popular section of your backyard, or to enhance the area around your mailbox, driveway or lamp post. Adding fresh mulch or compost material in flower beds is not only a visual improvement, but it’s good for the soil and the plants growing there. Lastly, trim the shrubbery, hedges and excess tree limbs around your home. Usually you can get some great ideas by going online and matching your trees and plants with those shown in online photos. Don’t be afraid to experiment with adding perennials or other types of flowers and plants. A dash of color is always a welcome addition to a landscaping upgrade.

These are but a few Scottsdale home improvement ideas that may add value to your home – without putting a huge dent in your budget.

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As Scottsdale home improvements heat up, homeowners are spending money on their homes in greater numbers than almost ever before. Fueled by the added home equity rising home values have produced in the last few years, savvy homeowners are investing money in those Scottsdale home improvements that will give their homes the greatest returns on investment – in the form of even higher sales prices at a later date. Here’s a closer look at what’s causing the phenomenon and what you can expect in the future.

Scottsdale Home Improvements Raise Values

As Scottsdale home improvements increase, homeowners are spending more on their homes than almost ever before.

Homeowners who have elected to cash in on their home equity gains in order to undertake bigger and better remodeling projects are on track to increase spending on Scottsdale home improvements by more than 8% by the first part of 2017. This, according to a recently released report by Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing, is a considerable boost from the historical average of 4.9% annually.

Analysts predict the pace will signal a complete recovery of the national home remodeling market by the middle of 2017 – up from the worst decrease since such statistics have been tracked. After adjusting for inflation, the annual expenditure is expected to reach $321 billion, slightly less than the previous record set in 2006 prior to the housing crash.

The comeback story of home equity in recent years, along with near-record low mortgage interest rates, have enabled homeowners throughout the nation to refinance and tap into the cash from their homes. During the first quarter of 2016, homeowners gained more than $260 billion in home equity. That impressive gain means that 38 million borrowers now enjoy a minimum of 20% equity in their homes – according to a recent release by Black Knight Financial Services. In addition to greater equity and lower interest rates, consumer confidence has also been an important factor in the growth in Scottsdale home improvements. With increasing homeowner confidence comes greater desire and willingness to further invest in their homes. For many homeowners, kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects are the most popular. Surprisingly, however, one of the Scottsdale home improvements that can yield the highest return on the investment dollars spent is added insulation. In addition, home improvement contractors say multiform remodeling projects are up more than 67% from a year ago. Furthermore, roughly 25% of remodeling firms report their clients are undertaking multiple projects simultaneously.

Economists say this phenomenon in home improvement activity is a classic example of what one termed, “nesting is investing.” Simply put, it’s the feeling homeowners have that spurs them to do something that will add value to their house. It reinforces pride in ownership and the idea that homeowners recognize the appeal their homes have to prospective purchasers – especially if the homes are well maintained and modernized with the conveniences that appeal to today’s home shoppers. Not only does nesting factor into the home improvements, the growth in home sales activity also helps increase remodeling activity. As homeowners prepare their homes for the real estate market they often perform repair and refinishing work to improve curb appeal and maximize the impact of the first impression a prospective buyer may have.

Growth in Scottsdale Home Improvements

Growth in the Scottsdale home improvements and remodeling sector has been a welcomed addition to category retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sherwin Williams and others. As a result, their stock prices have risen in the past few months. That trend is likely to continue throughout the next several months and into 2017. This boost comes at an especially good time, as homebuilders are building fewer homes than are required to meet the market demand. Existing homeowners, therefore, are doing everything they can to make the necessary improvements to help their homes look new again.

Homeowners are less likely to move due to the lagging supply of new homes, so they often choose to have improvements completed that they had previously put off for various reasons. Now, with the additional equity available – coupled with the low cost associated with refinancing – luxuries such as outdoor kitchens, decks and patios, and swimming pools are within reach. Best of all, while homeowners are conducting Scottsdale home improvements at near-record investment levels, loan-to-value (LTV) ratios are still relatively low, on average 68% – considerably lower than a decade ago. This means homeowners are in a much more stable equity position than that of their peers during the most recent housing crisis, where many borrowers were underwater with their LTV ratios.

Regardless of whether the motivation to perform home improvements or renovation projects is for the current homeowner’s benefit or to better position it to sell at a later date, the bottom line is improvements are occurring at a near-record rate. That should help the resale market because improved homes – assuming the improvements contribute to increased value – should sell at higher prices in the future when compared to homes that haven’t been renovated. Even relatively inexpensive improvements such as energy-efficient appliances or smart home technology can add value to an existing home – especially in the eyes of younger buyers who have become accustomed to cutting edge technology. In addition, younger buyers are more environmentally conscious and are attracted to homes showcasing those features.

While homeowners are tapping their equity sources to perform needed or desired improvements, don’t look for older homeowners to overspend on the work or overextend themselves when they borrow. Similarly, there is a segment of the homeowner population that will be more cautious than others in borrowing against their home’s equity. Many of these homeowners have recently been through the worst of times. They’ve witnessed family members, friends and coworkers experience problems when what they owe on their home mortgages exceed the value of their home.

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A Scottsdale home improvement project that’s often overlooked or not given enough attention is landscaping a brand new home. Maybe because you spent so much time, energy and money tending to every little detail finishing a new home requires, when it comes to landscaping many homeowners run out of steam. Ask yourself this question, “How many recently constructed homes have you seen where the landscaping leaves a lot to be desired?” Let’s take a look at a few helpful ideas that will help your new home’s curb appeal – without wrecking your budget.

Landscaping: Scottsdale Home Improvement Will Grow on You

A Scottsdale home improvement project doesn't usually include landscaping your new home, but it should.

So you’ve seen the light. You don’t want your brand new home to look like it was built on a desert wasteland. You’re excited to get started on your first Scottsdale home improvement project. Now, where to start?

If your home was custom built you may have slightly different challenges than if you bought a home in an established neighborhood of newly-constructed homes. Either way, your landscaping needs help. Follow these suggestions to either create or improve your new home’s surroundings.

Define Your Planting Beds

Most of your “lawn” is probably just plain, old dirt. Sure, it looks rich and fertile… after all, just take a look at those luscious green weeds growing wild. If you don’t remember anything else from this article, remember this:  take our advice and make sure the soil you’re going to be planting your shrubbery, flowers and grass in is actually topsoil from a reputable source. Replacing existing fill dirt with topsoil will ensure that your lawn and planting beds will have a chance to grow and thrive – whether you have a green thumb or not.

After you’ve decided where you’d like the planting beds to be, mark them off using whichever method is easiest for you. Many Scottsdale home improvement experts recommend using a garden hoe to create a small, visible trench 3-4 inches deep around the planting beds. If you plan to sod your lawn, you can use the first few dozen pieces of sod to more closely define the planting bed boundaries. Be creative, don’t make the planting beds square or rectangular, take a page out of the professional landscape designer’s book and make them loose and flowing, serpentine with more rounded borders. You’ll find mowing the grass and edging around the beds will be easier by following that suggestion.

Know the Lay of the Land

Before you move too quickly, take a step back and envision what types of plantings you’d like and where they might look best. This is especially important for seasonal items like certain flowers, flowering shrubs, or even a small vegetable garden. Does the spot you’re considering planting receive lots of direct sunlight? Does it drain well? Anticipating what will grow best in the places you choose will make it easier when it comes time to plant.

Remove Undesirable Builder Plantings

The plants and shrubs your builder may have planted up against your house may appear unimportant now, but they could be a giant headache later. Scottsdale home improvement experts say you should properly identify any existing plants or shrubs to determine if they’re good choices for your landscaping. If you don’t like it or don’t want it where it is, dig it up and either relocate it or get rid of it. Do it while the roots are still young and haven’t taken hold – it will be easier now than later.

Do the same with any undesirable or unattractive trees that may have been planted. A tree with an abundance of leaves, flowers or fruit may create extra yard work, clog gutters and downspouts and stain your home, walkway or driveway.

Some plants and smaller trees may seem perfectly fine for now, but if they grow to be too large for their space or if they were planted too close to the house, they could become problems later. Take special care for some trees that may be planted adjacent to sidewalks, walkways or driveways. As they mature the tree roots may spread under the concrete or paved areas, causing cracks or raised areas that may be difficult and expensive to repair.

Follow the advice of one Scottsdale home improvement professional:  “When in doubt, take it out.”

Think and Plan Ahead

If you’re considering doing some backyard landscaping for entertaining family and friends, consider this tip. Write down your biggest priority and what the focal point of the backyard will be. Chances are, if you have a patio or deck most of the entertaining will be focused there. Plan any future entertainment or other backyard additions as you envision your lifestyle changing and growing. Perhaps the makeshift sandbox will be replaced with a sturdy new swing-set as the kids get older. Maybe one day you’ll replace that gas grill you’ve had forever with a built-in version as you expand the deck. Wait… where are you going to put the swimming pool? The possibilities are endless, but chances are your lot lines aren’t – so be smart, plan ahead as best you can. It will save headaches and money in the long run.

Don’t Forget the Water

It could be the most important Scottsdale home improvement landscaping tip of all – be sure everything you’re planning to plant gets enough water. Whether you’re going to seed your lawn or sod it, plant your own shrubs and flowers or hire a professional, it sounds silly but nothing will grow properly without water.

Decide ahead of time if you’ll install an irrigation system. It’s usually a job that’s best done by professional irrigation installers with the proper equipment and tools. However, with some planning, a rented trench digger, proper PVC pipe, glue, sprinkler heads and an ample supply of time and patience, it can be a relatively easy Scottsdale home improvement project to undertake yourself. Another word of advice, leave the actual drilling for the water source from underground wells and the installation of the pump system to the pros. You’ll be much happier afterward.

Now that you have a game plan it’s time to spring into action. Your all-new outdoor landscape will be the perfect complement to your brand new home. Oh, and don’t forget to go buy a lawnmower, edger, rake, weed eater and a dozen other gardening tools you’ll need!

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Scottsdale home improvements can cost tens of thousands of dollars – but they don't have to. Landscaping upgrades are among the most popular improvement projects because of their relatively inexpensive price tag. In addition, a landscaping facelift can dramatically transform the way a home appears, often adding value by recouping the investment made. Whether your goal is to improve your home’s curb appeal, grow a colorful flower garden or create a relaxing backyard wonderland, by following these simple tips you can save money with Scottsdale home improvements to your home’s surroundings.

Scottsdale Home Improvements: Decks

Scottsdale Home Improvements: outdoor tips - taking care of your deck, or building a new one.

If you have a wooden deck that needs to be brought back to life, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Take time to carefully inspect the structure and foundation of the deck. Pay close attention to the load-bearing posts, the stair stringers and ground-level support joists. Check to make sure bolts and screws are tight and secure. If you see any boards that are showing signs of deterioration, replace them now – they will only get worse. Also, be sure to tap down any nail heads that have popped up on the good boards.

The next step is to swab the deck, matey! You’ll be surprised at what a thorough cleaning can do for the appearance of a tired or worn-looking deck. So, after you’ve made any repairs, scrub down the deck with the following mixture:  Mix a quart of regular household bleach and 1/3 cup of your favorite powdered laundry detergent into three quarts of warm water. Use whatever scrubbing method or material is best for you, but experts recommend a stiff-bristled, long handled brush – or an old broom you’re planning to throw away. Once you’ve given it a good scrubbing, hose down your deck and take a look at your revived surface. If you choose to finish the deck, a semitransparent stain is a popular choice for the protection and enhancement of old wooden decks.

Scottsdale Home Improvements: Fences

Fencing is a favorite item on homeowners’ lists of Scottsdale home improvements. A good, sturdy fence is important for giving you privacy and for keeping children and pets safe and secure. The downside of good fencing? It can be expensive. Fencing materials alone can cost upwards of $14 per linear foot for select grade picket fence board. In addition, because properly installing a fence requires the right tools and some expertise, it’s usually not a recommended do-it-yourself project for the average homeowner. However, if you’re considering replacing an old fence with something newer, homeowners can save a good deal of money in doing the tear-down and removal themselves. All that’s usually required for that stage of the Scottsdale home improvements project is a sledgehammer, a crowbar, a hammer or two and a truck to haul off the old fence – plus a generous helping of “elbow grease!”

The pricing of new fencing is usually based on the materials you select. Decide what best suits your needs and meets your budget. Homeowners often find a less expensive fence provides the same results as a top-of-the-line model that can throw your budget for a loop. Lastly, before you start swinging that sledgehammer, take another look at your fence. If it’s still sturdy and solid, but just needs a new look, try a fresh coat of paint. You may be surprised at the results, and you’ll save money, too.

Scottsdale Home Improvements: Landscaping

Let’s be honest. You can spend a small fortune on sod, plants and flowers – but you don’t necessarily need to. While greenery and flowers are important parts of your Scottsdale home improvements landscaping makeover, you can save money and still get what you want. The best time to buy trees, shrubbery and plants – including mulch and garden accessories – is late in the growing season. Visit the big-box stores where the prices are lower because they buy in bulk. Be careful, however, to inspect their plants and flowers carefully. They likely don’t receive the care and treatment they would at a professional nursery and garden center.

Experts suggest you buy perennials, since as the name implies, they reappear every year. You can also get some plants for free, by organizing a neighborhood garden swap or by sharing cuttings from neighbors’ yards. All you have to do is snip from the areas of new growth, pot the cuttings and water them sufficiently.

Scottsdale Home Improvements: Patios

Patios are popular, and keeping them updated shouldn't cost a great deal. If it’s time for a patio makeover, follow these tips from the experts. Inspect the concrete floor. As long as the structure and foundation is sturdy and sound, a worn appearance can usually be spruced up with concrete paint. Specially made paint for concrete floors comes in a variety of colors and, with a little creativity and ingenuity, you can make your patio as unique as you want.

If you’re considering starting a patio from scratch, consider this:  Devote a portion of your yard to pavers. They’re easy to work with, easy to take care of and fairly inexpensive. Professional installation of pavers can cost as little as $5 per square foot in some areas of the country.

The final step is to update the furnishings on your existing or new patio. You can save money by looking for deals on various websites like DealCatcher, or by going to eBay or Craigslist. Garage and yard sales may also offer great bargains on gently used, pre-owned furniture that’s perfect for your patio. If you currently have patio furniture, but need to give it a little TLC, you can sand the metal frames and give it them fresh coat of spray paint. Adding new weather-resistant seat cushions and a medium-to-high-quality patio umbrella is also a nice touch.

Scottsdale Home Improvements: Gardens

Creativity is your friend when it comes to creating and cultivating a garden gallery as one of your Scottsdale home improvements. Dishes from a dollar store or containers and canisters from a flea market or yard sale can be used as unique flowerpots. Plus, before you go out and buy something new, take stock in what you have that can be reused or recycled for a different purpose. An old chest of drawers or dresser can be used as a potting station for all your garden implements and tools. In addition, an unused dining cart can be transformed into a mobile grill accessory. Be careful, however, not to overdo it. The last thing you want is for your facelift to look junky. That will defeat the whole purpose of your improvement project.

By using your mind’s eye to envision the transformation of the outside of your home, you can find interesting and useful ways to use your imagination without spending a lot of money to make these and other Scottsdale home improvements.

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